Help prevent workplace crime and property theft with access control.  Insurance is not always the best means of protecting your personnel or property.  Our access control design service can help secure your facility and give you and your personnel peace of mind.

Restrict Unauthorized Access

Our systems let you determine who has access and which areas are accessible.  Restrict employees from accessing personnel files or equipment rooms.  You can even restrict access within specified hours to prevent theft or damage to assets after business hours.

Create an Audit Trail

Logging capabilities allows you to track an individual employee’s movements, such as: when they enter or leave an area, or try to access a restricted area.

Eliminate Key Problems

Save time and money, while reducing the vulnerabilities of keyed entry.  Electronic access is cost effective and easily managed.  User access can be removed or restricted without calling a locksmith.  Your facility will be safe from unwanted intruders instantly, with the push of a button.


Call us today for a quote!  From single door systems, to large multi-floor facilities, you can rest assured that Harcrow Electric will provide unmatched protection against intruders and unauthorized persons.