An arc fault is a type of electrical explosion that results from a low-impedance connection to ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system.  Our arc fault survey & remediation services can reduce this type of risk and improve safety for personnel through compliance with OSHA and NFPA 70E guidelines for electrical safety.

Our survey service can help improve facility safety by identifying where the most dangerous hazards are located and whether or not safety can be improved.

The arc flash survey involves four phases:

  1. Data Gathering
  2. Engineering Analysis of the Data
  3. Report Presentation, Labeling
  4. Training

Data Gathering

During this phase, a one-line diagram is created that identifies all of the electrical components in the system.  Breakers, trip settings, fuses, wire conductor size, and load values are all used in the analysis.


Our licensed engineering consultant uses software and other tools to construct a detailed one-line diagram of your facility and performs an analysis on the system to determine hazardous locations.

Report & Labeling

Harcrow Electric provides a detailed report of our analysis, including all data gathered and diagrams.  Our report indicates where the highest risk locations are and our recommendations on how to reduce risk in these areas.  We then provide our clients with labeling that indicates the hazard level of the system, and the PPE requirement for working in these locations.


The last phase of the process is training for personnel.  The best method for reducing risk is having personnel, qualified and non-qualified, that are proactive about working safely. Our training course covers:  the use and proper treatment of personal protection equipment (PPE), labeling information, how to determine the PPE level requirement, and general electrical safety practices.



Our report may offer recommendations on how to reduce risk in hazardous locations.  These recommendations may include: changing breaker settings, fuse values, wire conductor size, etc.  Our remediation service can make all of these changes for you and re-analyze these locations for their reduced hazard rating and labeling requirements.

As your business grows and changes, equipment is often changed or removed as well.  Changing the equipment in your electrical system makes significant changes to the available fault current of the system.  These equipment changes need to be added to your existing report and analyzed to update the labeling requirements required by OHSA and NFPA 70E.  As your business changes, make sure you keep it and your personnel protected.  Call us today for a quote!