Keep an eye on your assets with a video surveillance system from Harcrow Electric.  Our systems are customized to your specific needs for the best possible performance.   Our design service accommodates your specific needs on a per camera basis.

Property Protection

Catch suspicious activity in the act with remote viewing and alarm notification services.  Wide angle setups ensure no area is left unprotected.

Employer/Employee Protection

Want to make sure your employees are making good ethical decisions?  Video surveillance systems have been a proven deterrent to theft and reduction of violent incidents in the workplace.


In retail and banking facilities, identification capability is just as important as monitoring activity.  Our systems can be used to provide high-resolution imagery to aid in the identification of criminal suspects.  We use high resolution cameras to catch facial imagery coming in, and long-range telephoto setups for recording license plate information on the way out.

Your System, Made Just for You

Let our design experience create a cost-effective solution that meets your needs.  More cameras does not equal more protection.  We have the knowledge to recommend to right products for your situation.  Call us today for a quote!